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Kill All Humans

Kill All Humans

We at Glarkware don’t claim to know much about robots; we’re fashion retailers, not engineers, for crying out loud! But if futuristic TV shows and movies have taught us anything, it’s that robots and humans are not meant to live together in harmony. From the relentlessly drilling machines from The Matrix to the unstoppable androids of Terminator, we have learned one abiding truth: robots wish us ill.

In order to be prepared for the dystopian future yet to come — characterized, as we know it will be, by the presence of murderous robots — the question is: how will the requisite tiny handful of humans manage to survive, avoiding the extinction of our weak, meaty race? Simple: the survivors of the coming slaughter will save their lives by selling out and joining the robots in their extermination of humanity.

The thing is, the robots could take over the world at any moment — and the humans who live will be the ones who are prepared. Advertise your allegiance with the robots, and against your fellow man, with Glarkware’s “Kill All Humans” shirt. If you don’t…it may end up being the last decision you ever make.

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